Friday Bar with Akaya

September 30, 2022

Start your Friday night at The Audo and enjoy a DJ performance from Akaya. Bring all your friends along for a fun evening in the house with cocktails and a selection of delicious snacks from our in-house restaurant, Hâidan.

Snacks & Drinks by Restaurant Hâidan

Selection of olives 40,-dkk
Salted nuts 40,-dkk
Mini French sausages 50,-dkk
Homemade chips 40,-dkk

Edamame beans with soya dressing 50,-dkk
Bao bun with Chinese style pork 60,-dkk
Steamed dumplings (4pz.) 95,-dkk

Selection of cocktails 95,-dkk
Bubbles 110,-dkk
Wine ( white/red ) 85,-dkk
Beers 60,-dkk
Sodas 45,-dkk

Date: September 30
Time: 17.00-22.00
Location: The Audo, Århusgade 130, 2150 Copenhagen

If you would like to reserve a table then reach out at