The Art of Conscious Organizing

We had the honor of sitting down with Sarit Sela, founder of MinimalistMe and talk about the art of conscious organizing and the KonMari method. Sarit is a visual content creator, interior stylist and certified KonMari consultant who has lived in Stockholm for the last 10 years and moved to Copenhagen in 2022. 

Sarit Sela, MinimalistMe, The Audo, KonMari

Q. Could you briefly introduce yourself and tell us about your work?

A. My name is Sarit, I am a certified KonMari consultant (trained by Marie Kondo), content creator and interior stylist - soon to be an interior designer. I am from Israel and my family and I have lived in Stockholm for the last 10 years. We moved to Copenhagen in June 2022.

Q. What inspired you to become a certified KonMari consultant and Interior Stylist?

A. I came across the name 'Marie Kondo' 4 years ago, and I knew she wrote a book about tidying: “The life changing magic of tidying up”, but I never read it as I am a very tidy person, who always tidy for herself, for the family and friends. I checked her website and found out that I can become her consultant, so this way I could turn my passion into a profession. I help people to go through the tidying process, which is a deep journey with a deep philosophy behind it.

When I started my business I combined it with minimalism - KonMari is a great way to become more minimalist and open to Scandinavian design. Throughout the years I have lived in Stockholm I embraced my home and all the beauty and values the city offered. After I launched my Instagram account, it started growing very quickly, and that's basically how I became a content creator and interior stylist as well. 

Sarit Sela, MinimalistMe, KonMari, The Audo

Q. You are currently located in Copenhagen - could you tell us what brought you here and what your plans are?

A. I am originally from Israel, but my family and I moved to Stockholm back in 2012 because of my husband’s job. We planned to moved there only for 2 years but stayed there eventually for 10 years. 6 months ago we moved here to Copenhagen, again because of my husband's work, and I feel this city couldn't be more accurate for me and for my lifestyle as my home and business are based on Scandinavian design and values. I plan and hope to keep running my business and work more with local brands. 

Q. Can you shed some light on what one can expect if they hire you as a KonMari consultant?

A. KonMari is truly a life changing experience but my clients need to know that I don't just come into their home, tidy for them and leave. They go through a meaningful journey, so they need to commit to it if they wish to have a change in their lifestyle. KonMari is a deep journey where you learn to focus on the things you want to keep (the things that spark joy), but at the same time you learn how to let go of things that outlived their purpose. Letting go is truly the hardest thing to do in this process. 

KonMari is not just a tidying method. It's a lifestyle. I help people go through the tidying process, but tidying is actually only the tool that leads them to their ideal lifestyle. 

KonMari, Sarit Sela

Q. In your own words, how would you describe an organized home?

A. An organized home is a feeling. It means you live only with the things you truly need and love.

You can learn more about Sarit and MinimalistMe here