the audo

our story

The Audo is a hybrid space in Copenhagen facilitating and celebrating human interaction, connection and artistic expression.

A visionary concept

The Audo was conceived by Bjarne Hansen, founder and former CEO of MENU—a globally recognized leader in the design and lifestyle space—with the vision to connect kindred spirits from all over the world. Speaking about the concept, Hansen says:

“Blurring the lines between home-life and work, uniting design, business and community in one innovative space that is alive and under constant renewal, The Audo as a concept is a unique place to experience elements of our built environment as a whole”.

the mission

The Audo operates from the belief that knowledge-sharing drives creativity, builds healthier communities
and can lead to higher quality work. The house and its name are built upon this philosophy, borrowing from
the Latin phrase Ab Uno Disce Omnes, meaning “from one, learn all”.

a meeting of minds

Collaboration and experimentation are at heart of The Audo, and the space is a testimony to what is possible when creative minds meet and play under one roof. For the opening of the space in spring 2019, Hansen worked with Norm Architects as principal architects, and Nathan Williams, co-founder of Kinfolk magazine, as creative director for the brands identity.

the vision

The Audo offers fresh ideas, encounters, and inspiration to all who walk through the door. In short, the space acts as a stage for users and makers to meet and better understand each other’s wishes and needs. The space provides an opportunity for creatives to be involved in the shaping of the world through the arts, and acts as a platform for partaking in the conversation about what creative work is and could be.