the audo


When making a booking, please specify which area you are reserving. All of our rates are per day. For some areas, it may be possible to do a half day booking. 

Your booking only entitles you to full use of the area specified in your booking. If you wish to reserve more than 1 area, this may be arranged at a discounted price. For all inquiries related to photoshoot bookings, you can contact



Our residences are available to book from 14.00 - 11.00. Special arrangements or changes to the time-slots can be made upon request. 

Standard Rooms (approx. 23sqm) – 2.800 dkk per day.

Suites (approx. 25-33sqm) – 4.800 dkk per day.

Studio Suite (60 sqm) – 7.000 dkk per day.

Penthouse (70 sqm) – 9.000 dkk per day.


Common Areas

Concept Shop – 15.000 dkk per day.

Courtyard – 8.000 dkk per day.

Material Library – 15.000 dkk for full day (half day bookings available upon request)

Cafe – 10.000 dkk per day.

Cafe (including stairs) – 20.000 dkk per day.

Restaurant – 10.000 dkk per day.