Apothecary Deep Forrest Eau de Parfum 50ml

800,00 kr


Deep Forest is an earthy and herbaceous fragrance reminiscent of the wild Abies fir woods of Korea. These forests endure long, cool winters and warm, humid summers. Offering a fusion of grounded greens and gentle blossoms, this scent brings both wistfulness and the promise of new beginnings. Soil and steam. A yearning for a smell intrinsically tied to our pure nature..

Key notes: Orange, White Rose, Cedarwood, Patchouli
Aroma: Floral, Green, Woody

– Deep Forest is formulated in collaboration with the creative branding studio Be My Guest, based in Seoul, Korea
– Crafted in Italy with carefully selected ingredients
– Gender-neutral
– Comes in a glass bottle with a wooden cap

The smell of nature drifting through the air brings inspiration to this warm yet refreshing fragrance. For a peaceful and comforting sensation, spray directly onto pulse points such as neck, wrists, or behind the ears.


2-6 days

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