Ulla Bang

Curious Sculpted Vase - Large with dot dot dot texture

8.000,00 kr


Large "Sculpted Curious Vase" by Ulla Bang Ceramics. A part of the Shapes collection made especially for the AUDO.

The inspiration to the “Sculpted Curious Vases” arises from a fascination of holes — you want to look through them and see the world from a new perspective. Curiosity is equal to inspiration. They both keep us interested in exploring.

The Shapes collection is defined by organic shapes, raw surfaces and interesting textures. With the Shapes collection, Ulla bang hopes to inspire others to embark on journeys of curiosity and exploration. The pieces within the collection are soft, feminine and joyous. Together, they form a still life of sorts — a portrait of organic shapes, natural tones and varied textures.

Color Soft light grey/offwhite. Small lava pieces in the clay adds tiny dark speckles and extra debth to the color. The surface has the "dot-dot-dot" texture which brings the shape even more to life.

Size: H:30,5 cm W: 21 cm



Please contact The Concept store at info@theaudo.com for further shipment information. Pick-up in the shop is still an option.

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