Aromatic Oil Memento No. 3

279,00 kr


Creating an ambience involves much more than the visual composition of shapes, textures, colors and lighting. It’s about creating a mood with the most powerful sense of all. The sense of smell, able to evoke emotions, memories, associations and a positive atmosphere.

Working with essential aromatic oils, Julie Brandt have developed exquisite scents with uplifting, soothing, energizing and balancing effects. Used in conjunction with the AURA Oil Burner in marble and brass, you have an aesthetic object that’s a refined alternative to traditional oil burners. One that enables the oils to slowly evaporate, as they emit a lovely signature scent that fills the room and creates the perfect mood. The oils can also be used in the SENSE Oil Burner from Brandt Collective. 

100% essential oil blends. 15ml 

Key notes: Orange Bitter, Ylang Ylang, Clove.                                                        Soothing and revitalizing.

Apply maximum 5 drops to the water of an oil burner. Replenish as required. Do not use concentrated on skin. Can be mixed with body oil or used in a bath. Do not consume or apply directly to skin or eyes. Keep away from children.


2 - 6 days

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