Porcelain Perfumery

Porcelain No. 2 Myristica Parfume

1.800,00 kr

Porcelain a Copenhagen-based natural perfumery that blends and transforms scents from pure, skin-friendly components such as exotic species, rare flowers and delicious fruits.
The result is a series of uplifting and genderless perfumes with heady and sensual or light and uplifting undertones.

Scent No.2 - Myristica
With a citrusy opening, this scent builds up on ethereal spiciness. Uplifting and energizing notes of nutmeg and black pepper invite you to get your natural high on Myristica.

A story once told far away
The Holy Land in sight.
A scented breeze gourmet
come walk with me the spicy sand
We'll flee into a desert night

Notes of...
Italian Lemon, Indian Nutmeg, Indian Black Pepper, Omanish Frankincense

- 100 % Natural
- Eau de Parfum
- Organic Alcohol
- Spray
- Unisex
65 ml / 2,2 oz


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