Porcelain Perfumery

Porcelain No. 3 Cedarté Parfume

1.800,00 kr

Porcelain a Copenhagen-based natural perfumery that blends and transforms scents from pure, skin-friendly components such as exotic species, rare flowers and delicious fruits.
The result is a series of uplifting and genderless perfumes with heady and sensual or light and uplifting undertones.

Scent No.3 - Cedarté
An earthy symphony of aromatic cedar wood, clary sage and orris butter evoking impressions of sacred rituals. Cedarté lingers softly on your skin, grounding yet stimulating.

A secretly forgotten dream
Dark'n'smoky open fire
Ruby Red Tipsy Lips
Breeze me whiskey
Touch me Velvet
Rich in gold and good at heart
Woodwork in the name of Art

Notes of...
American Cedarwood, French Clary Sage, Morroccan Orris Butter, Labdanum

- 100 % Natural
- Eau de Parfum
- Organic Alcohol
- Spray
- Unisex
65 ml / 2,2 oz


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